FIESTAR’s Jei and Cao Lu Debate Who Is the #1 Visual In Their Group

2016-03-09 15:20:08 2016-03-09 15:20:08

FIESTAR members got into a friendly competition on the recent episode of “Weekly Idol” over the leading visuals of their group.

On the March 9 episode of the show, FIESTAR, who recently made a comeback with “Mirror”, was the guest and they showed off their humorous sides with the various topics that came up in the conversation.

One topic they discussed was about the visuals of the group and Cao Lu revealed her strong confidence in her looks, saying, “In my mind, I am #1 in the group. Even my parents said that I am prettier than Jei,” as everyone in the studio laughed together. She added, “I am much taller than her and I am more glamorous as well.”

“Weekly Idol” airs every Wednesday on MBC every1.

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