Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Released From Hospital

2016-03-10 17:38:03 2016-03-10 17:38:03

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri has been released from the hospital after undergoing treatment for meningitis.

According to her agency Dream Tea Entertainment, Hyeri has made significant progress since being admitted to the hospital on March 6, and she was finally released on the evening of March 10.

Hyeri is currently recovering and receiving treatment at home according to the doctor’s orders. The agency says Hyeri’s full recovery is their utmost priority, and she won’t be resuming her activities before regaining her health through rest and medication.

“I felt so much stronger thanks to all the people who worried about and supported me. I will return your love and support by recovering fast and pursuing good activities,” Hyeri expressed her gratitude to fans via her agency.

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