Sandara Park Is Dedicated to Her MC Position on “Sugar Man”

2016-03-10 14:17:13 2016-03-10 14:17:13

The hard efforts of 2NE1 member Sandara Park in casting her fellow YG Entertainment family members for the jTBC variety show “Sugar Man” has been revealed.

Many YG members have already guested on the show, from iKON, who was on the show on January 19, to WINNER, who was on the show on March 8.  For both of them, it was revealed that Sandara Park played a major role in casting them.

The busy overseas schedules remain the biggest obstacle in casting idols for variety shows. Sandara personally checked frequently with the managers of iKON and WINNER and took note of the dates in which they would be able to come on the show. It looks like she is working hard on her new promotion as the Public Affairs Manager at YG.

It was also revealed that Sandara is also keeping in close contact with the main writers of “Sugar Man,” sending text messages about idols she thinks should come on the show and producers that might be good for the show. She volunteers to help cast the guests on the show as well, showing her great dedication to her position as an MC on the variety show.

Sandara is currently working hard at casting Akdong Musician and Lee Hi, who recently came back with a new album. Viewers are eagerly anticipating her great contributions to the show and look forward to the day that perhaps BIGBANG will come on as well.

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