Watch: Zico Sings “I Am You, You Are Me” With Some Alcohol

2016-03-10 18:34:34 2016-03-10 18:34:34

Block B leader Zico’s serenade in a bar has been drawing attention on the internet.

On March 9, Dingo Music uploaded on their official YouTube channel a video of Zico singing a song, after taking a few shots of soju.

In the video, Zico, who is known for his string of hit songs, sings the song “I Am You, You Are Me,” accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

From the very beginning of the video, Zico clears up his throat with a shot of soju and matches along with the guitar to sing the song. As the song continues, he starts to smile more as he sings with his smooth vocals.

Check out his performance below!

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