Update: WINNER Halts Promotions to Film “Parenting” Variety Show From JTBC

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YG Entertainment reveals today that WINNER is officially halting promotions, starting March 9 KST, for their latest album, “Exit: E.”

The reason was kept under wraps and just described as WINNER preparing a special project until just recently. YG had previously announced the “WINNER 2016 Project Exit Movement” schedule, with step one being the single release, step two being the mini album, and step three through five yet to be revealed, but today, YG Entertainment reveals that WINNER is filming a variety show for five weeks. This appearance has been in the works since six months ago and WINNER started filming for the show on March 9. The group is not appearing just as an episode guest star but as regular cast members for five weeks.

Winner exit

It’s rare that an idol group will be part of the regular cast of a variety show, but with the exception of the group’s concert, the members are fully devoting their time to this project.

A YG Entertainment rep explains, “It’s not just a simple appearance on a variety show, but a co-production with the broadcasting network, so WINNER has to be with the camera all day long for five weeks. We can’t reveal what network, what show, or what kind of format yet, but we have prepared this for a long time for WINNER, and because it is WINNER’s first regular casting for a variety show, we will continue to prepare well.”

Meanwhile, WINNER will be holding their first concert, “WINNER Exit Tour in Seoul,” at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena on March 12 and 13.

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YG Entertainment just provided another update, revealing that the variety show that Winner is a part of is a JTBC parenting/babysitting show, produced in conjunction with the agency.

The program will show the members of Winner taking care of a baby or toddler.

In the past, K-pop group g.o.d gained incredible popularity with MBC’s “Babysitting Diary” show in which they took care of a baby boy and were able to show a side of themselves never seen before on stage.

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Update 2:

The show is called “Half-moon Friend” (literal translation), and unlike g.o.d’s “Babysitting Diary,” many children will be on the show.

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