Lee Hi Opens Up About “Breathe” and Concerns Over Her Long Hiatus

2016-03-11 00:58:41 2016-03-11 00:58:41

The behind-the-scenes video for Lee Hi‘s “Breathe” music video was released today, and in it, the singer opens up about what this song and her comeback means to her.

“Breathe,” one of the two title tracks from Lee Hi’s “Seoulite” album is a soulful ballad track that highlights the singer’s vocal skill and ability to relay emotions to the listener. “The song offers comfort and consolation to listeners, and it offered the same to me when I was recording it,” says Lee Hi.

“Seoulite” is Lee Hi’s first solo release in three years since her debut album, “First Love,” which came out in March of 2013. While she did release singles in collaboration with other artists in between, the three-year period between her solo albums seemed too long.

“I think I was worried a lot because even though I was only a rookie, I was on hiatus for three years,” says Lee Hi in the video. “I was worried that I might be forgotten, and if they would like the Lee Hi in her 20s when they had liked me when I was in my teens.”

It is looking like Lee Hi had nothing to worry about with “Breathe” topping charts in Korea as well as China. On March 11, China’s QQ Music revealed that on its “New Releases” chart, “Hold My Hand” and “Breathe” ranked number one and two, respectively. In its “K-pop Music Video” chart, the music videos for these songs also placed number one and two, respectively, and among all music videos, they ranked third and fifth, respectively.

Lee Hi recently had her first comeback stage through “M!Countdown” and her next appearance on a music show will be SBS’s “Inkigayo” airing March 13.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes video for Lee Hi’s “Breathe” music video below!

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