“Produce 101” Song “Pick Me” Will Be Used For Upcoming South Korean Elections

2016-03-11 18:20:48 2016-03-11 18:20:48

The song “Pick Me” from the Mnet survival reality show “Produce 101” has become an election song.

On March 11, according to a broadcast representative, it was revealed that the song, which has become popular thanks to the show, will be used for the upcoming elections, after negotiations with a member of the National Assembly.

In regards to this, a CJ E&M representative said, “Actually, the composer of the song is with Midas T, so this does not actually have anything to do with us.” In addition, the arrangement of the song was done by DJ KOO, or Koo Jun Yeop.

The song is about the 101 girls who are striving for a spot on the 11-member girl group that will be the result of the show and has started to gain popularity after two months of being out.

Thanks to the addictive lyrics and melody, many people had predicted that it would become an election song and sure enough, on April 13, it will be used for the South Korean legislative elections to elect members of the National Assembly.

Check out the catchy song below!

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