WINNER to Reveal Title Track for New Album at Solo Concert

2016-03-11 19:59:21 2016-03-11 19:59:21

Five-member boy group WINNER will be singing a brand new song at their first solo concert this weekend!

The song will be one of the title tracks off a new album. The timing and details of the new album is still undecided and could be many months away, but the group has decided to reveal the new title track as a special gift to their fans at the concert.

According to representatives for the concert, WINNER has never rehearsed the song before and the track doesn’t have choreography yet. The decision was made by the group, who wanted to prepare a special event for their fans, on the morning of March 12 after an all-night practice. WINNER asked Yang Hyun Suk for permission and it was granted.

“The song is very upbeat and fun,” a YG representative said. “As long as WINNER can show off their bright energy while singing the song, we don’t expect any problems. They just want to have a good time with their fans through the song.”

WINNER’s first solo concert will be taking place from March 12 to 13 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

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