Park Bo Gum Pairs With Luxury Brand J.Estina in Jewelry-Themed Photo Shoot

2016-03-12 22:52:19 2016-03-12 22:52:19

Luxury brand J.Estina recently revealed some cuts of their spring collection with their 2016 face of the brand, actor Park Bo Gum.

Park Bo Gum was cast in 2016 to be the muse for the brand along with figure skater Kim Yuna. In the latest spring collection advertisements, Park Bo Gum channels an innocent, boyish charm in his pure white clothes, although his dark jeans, intense stare, and understated jewelry hint at a more charismatic side.

park bo gum park bo gum

The bright sunlight and simple white backdrop lets the actor – and his bling – take the spotlight. His slightly unbuttoned shirt lets his black-and-silver necklace take centre stage.

In a testament to the actor’s popularity, a J.Estina marketing representative revealed that they received many requests about the necklace after Park Bo Gum had been seen wearing it during the photo shoot although the item had not yet been officially revealed.

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