“Signal” Drama Writer Speaks About Possible Second Season

2016-03-12 21:46:27 2016-03-12 21:46:27

After tvN’s popular drama “Signal” came to an end on March 12, many passionate viewers were calling for a second season.

Scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee said in an interview, “Honestly, I didn’t make this drama with seasons in mind. But since it’s the kind of storyline that can continue for multiple seasons, it would be an honor if they decided to make another one.”

But if they did it, it would have to be done properly,” she added. “A second season would only be meaningful if the three actors [Jo Jin Woong, Kim Hye Soo, and Lee Je Hoon] were to return. If they can make their schedules work, I’d like to work with them and director Kim Won Seok again.”

Signal” told the story of a group of police detectives who use a mysterious radio that can broadcast from the past to solve cold cases. The final episode of the season ended on a mysterious note that left the possibility of a future story open.

“Nothing has been discussed yet,” Kim Eun Hee concluded. “But because it’s not impossible, I keep thinking about it.”

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