Ji Chang Wook Reveals His Plans for a Korean Drama Comeback

2016-03-13 04:42:53 2016-03-13 04:42:53

Actor Ji Chang Wook is planning to resume his Korean activities later this year.

On the March 13 broadcast of MBC‘s “Section TV,” the “Healer” star says his Korean comeback will take place after the release of the movie “Fabricated City” this summer. The movie wrapped up filming last year, and Ji Chang Wook has since focused on his activities in China.

“During the latter half of the year, I’ll greet you with a drama and a musical,” he reveals his domestic comeback plans.

ji chang wook

When asked if he has thought about appearing on “Mask of King Singer,” Ji Chang Wook says, “So many talented singers appear on that show. If I receive a casting call, I will probably have to think about it.”

Referring to a painful past experience of performing in front of cameras, he says, “Once I was so nervous while singing on television that I ruined a wonderful song,” suggesting that he is slightly hesitant about appearing on singing shows like “King of Mask Singer.”

He finally laughs, “I really enjoy singing. I still go to karaoke rooms with my friends,” and adds how he always gets incredibly and infectiously excited about singing.

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