SHINee’s Taemin Shares How He Came to Audition for SM Entertainment on “Problematic Men”

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On the March 13 episode of tvN‘s “Problematic Men,” SHINee‘s Taemin appears as a guest.

During the broadcast, Taemin dishes on how he spent his days as as student. “I prepared to be a celebrity since I was in sixth grade, so I don’t have that many memories,” the singer reveals. “It was a different lifestyle compared to others, but when I was an elementary school student I studied, and I think I was the earnest type.”

SHINee Taemin2

Taemin’s school records are subsequently revealed on the show and indicate that as a fifth grader, Taemin wanted to be a pilot when he grew up.

He comments, “When I was younger, I thought being able to freely fly in the sky looked cool, so I was set on becoming a pilot.”

SHINee Taemin

But within a year he had changed his mind. “I came to enjoy dancing,” he explains. “My parents also knew that I would mimic choreography. People around me would often tell me to become a celebrity, so I auditioned and fortunately joined SM Entertainment.”

Watch more of Taemin in this week’s episode of “Problematic Men”!

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