BIGBANG’s T.O.P Apologizes After Dropping Cigarette Butt Out of Car Window in Front of Fans

2016-03-14 07:47:21 2016-03-14 07:47:21

BIGBANG member T.O.P has apologized after footage spread online of him discarding a cigarette butt out of the window of a car in front of fans in China.

While in China for an event recently, the car that T.O.P was riding in came to a stop as it was surrounded by passionate fans who were following on motorcycles and in taxis, vans, and cars. It was then that he was captured by a fan on camera as he rolled down his window and dropped a cigarette butt out of the window. After fans yelled out to him in Korean, T.O.P then made a small heart with his fingers.

On March 14, T.O.P stated, “I sincerely apologize for disappointing my fans. I am very embarrassed.” He adds, “When I’m smoking in a car or somewhere else, I throw the butts out in an ashtray, but I made a huge mistake as I was riding in someone else’s car. Anyway, I have no excuse.”

It has been reported that T.O.P was riding in a car provided by the event organizer at the time.

Images of the incident that were taken by the fan can be viewed here.

What do you think of T.O.P’s actions?

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