Im Soo Jung Writes Back to Malicious Commenters Who Criticized Her Makeup-less Face

2016-03-14 14:21:58 2016-03-14 14:21:58

Im Soo Jung stood up for herself against nasty commenters.

On March 13, Im Soo Jung left a long message on her Instagram for malicious commenters.

Previously, on March 12, she had posted a picture of her bare face. However, some people left negative comments that pointed out she no longer had the young face she was once popular for.

A day after, Im Soo Jung left a message saying, “I do not enjoy putting on makeup during my daily life. When I have to show my best side as an actor, I receive the help of professionals. That is why I am always thankful to these people.”

“For just me, this is the best I can do. It’s not like I’m totally confident of my bare face, and I wish I could upload a prettier me, but what can I do about the fact that I’ve reached an age in which even the smallest changes in my body reflect on my face?” she added.

“I am living with full awareness of my age. I acknowledge who I am and love myself,” she wrote. “’The present me.’ I love my life as a women in her 30s.”

“I will work harder to be portrayed as healthier and more charming. Thank you and I love you,” she ended.

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