Secret’s Hyosung Sheds Tears as She Receives First Aid Training on “Real Men”

2016-03-14 02:26:46 2016-03-14 02:26:46

The March 13 broadcast of the fourth female soldier edition of MBC‘s “Real Men” featured trainees learning to become a medical officer.

jun hyosung_real men

Each soldier was assigned roles to practice first aid training and Jun Hyosung, who assumed the role of a patient with a broken arm, ended up tearing up while saying “I’m cold” and “it hurts” as she recalled memories of a car accident she experienced in the past during promotional activities. The member of Secret also mentioned that she suffered a fracture due to an accident and while playing the patient, she felt suffocated.

Later, in a separate interview with the production staff, she confessed that, “I became immersed in my emotions. A patient is so scared. I realized that it isn’t easy for someone to save a person’s life.”

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