EXO Is Mesmerized by the Taste of Volcano Chicken in Latest Commercial

2016-03-15 00:03:44 2016-03-15 00:03:44

EXO is back in yet another commercial, this time for Goobne Chicken.

With a giant volcano in the background, they dance and model walk while singing about, no surprise, Goobne’s Volcano, which is a specific flavor unique to this chain. The commercial also flashes between shots of the collision of chicken and the volcanic sauce, and scenes of EXO members savoring the chicken. With lyrics include like, “Volcano, it’s hot. It’s my chicken fantasy,” EXO’s commercial makes this chicken seem like the best chicken in the world, maybe even out of this world.

Speaking of which, does anyone remember EXO’s KFC commercials back in 2014? In order to make the perfect chicken sandwich meal, the EXO members used their superpowers, such as healing, to make all the ingredients as tasty as possible.

Soompiers, out of these two commercials, which did you prefer?