Entertainment Company Housing Joo Won and Lee Dong Hwi Signs Investment Contract With China’s Huayi

2016-03-16 19:08:14 2016-03-16 19:08:14

Talent management company Sim Entertainment, housing actors like Joo Won, Kim Yoon Suk, , has signed an investment contract with Asia’s biggest entertainment company, Huayi Brothers Media Corp.

On March 16, affiliates of Sim Entertainment stated, “Sim Entertainment has signed the investment contract on March 15.” Now, the largest shareholder of Sim Entertainment will be China’s Huayi Brothers, holding a 26 percent stake.

sim entertainment huayi brothers2

Huayi Brothers is a media corporation dominating drama and film production, celebrity management, music production, game agencies, and more. It is China’s number one entertainment company, mainly known for its film production and entertainment management.

Sim Entertainment also signed with EMC Fund, controlled by America’s biggest agent group CAA. With this, Sim Entertainment has been incorporated with the hottest overseas companies in the entertainment industry.

sim entertainment huayi brothers3

According to the Financial Supervisory Service, Sim Entertainment’s CEO also signed a stock acquisition contract with Huayi & Joy Entertainment Limited, plus four other people, earning him a total of 12 billion won (approximately $10,200,000).

In addition to managing actors,  Sim Entertainment has in the last year begun to act as a producer of TV, film, and music content.

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