Agency Comments on the Suspected Prostitution Case of Its Former Singer “C”

2016-03-17 00:23:28 2016-03-17 00:23:28

As reported in a previous article, an apparently “well-known” singer “C” was recently summoned for questioning on charges of suspected involvement in celebrity prostitution.

In response to the news, the former agency of singer “C” has revealed that they do not understand why she is being suspected of prostitution.

According to a phone conversation between local news source Newsen and the former agency,  a representative commented that, “We first heard she was under suspicion after receiving calls from reporters. ‘C’ has no reason to have been involved in prostitution so we don’t understand why she is suspected.”

The representative continued by saying that, “The profits that ‘C’ earned over her contract period is quite large. Due to this fact, she should not have been experiencing financial difficulties so we are having a hard time understanding why she is involved” and “In addition, we understand that her mother was very strict so she was not allowed to go out at night. We find it regretful that she became caught up in this incident since she even rejected invitations to appear on various programs due to health issues.”

The news of her suspected involvement broke as she was discussing re-signing after the end of her contract period.

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