Former Girl Group Member “L” Heads in for Questioning in Suspected Prostitution Case

2016-03-17 00:37:32 2016-03-17 00:37:32

Former girl group member and actress “L,” who was mentioned in yesterday’s article about the singer “C,” has been summoned as a suspect of prostitution charges as well, as reported by local news source The Fact. She appeared at the Women and Children Crime Investigation Unit at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office to receive questioning.

In contrast to singer “C,” “L” made her way to the investigation room while sipping on a drink in broad daylight and without covering her face. Her confident appearance in khaki cardigan and jeans was in stark contract to “C” who wore a black outfit, appeared in the middle of the night, and was constantly self-aware of her surroundings, describes The Fact.

According to The Fact, “L” debuted as member of a “famous” girl group and received lots of love for her bright and cute features. She also solidified her abilities as an actress through numerous leading and supporting roles in dramas. As she was highly active across various areas up until just three years prior, news of the prostitution charges come as an even bigger shock to the public. The prosecutors’ office will be looking into the identities of the two aspirant celebrities suspected of similar charges, in addition to “C” and “L.”

Meanwhile, singer “C” is being investigated on charges of having sexual relations overseas for 35 million won (approximately $29,800) while sex broker Kang is being charged with employing three other brokers and arranging sexual relationships between four women and a wealthy Korean-American businessman in a Los Angeles hotel over the period of March to May of last year.

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