FNC Entertainment to Focus on Drama and Variety Production

2016-03-18 18:58:44 2016-03-18 18:58:44

FNC Entertainment is poised to become the next big entertainment company.

FNC Entertainment’s CEO Han Sung Ho shared his vision for his company during the press conference for the new web drama “Click Your Heart.”

First, he answered a question about the web drama, saying, “We planned the web drama in order to show off the diverse charms and sides of our rookie NEOZ SCHOOL members.”

He then continued, “While our company will officially start to produce drama and variety shows, we also are planning on trying out dramas and variety shows that can be done through the internet. We will produce web dramas as well as regular broadcast dramas. We will release more information soon, but there are many writers and directors that we have contracts with that will prepare dramas for us towards the latter half of the year. For variety shows as well, in addition to regular broadcast production, we will also try out ways to produce them through the internet.”

It looks like there will be many ways to meet with FNC Entertainment soon!

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