Soyu Shows Off Her Fit Body and Shares Healthy Diet Tips for Cosmopolitan

2016-03-18 05:43:25 2016-03-18 05:43:25

The April edition of Cosmopolitan Korea features a pictorial starring Soyu of SISTAR. Well-known in the idol world for her fit body, Soyu shows her healthy side while pulling off everything from figure-hugging looks to more casual sporty outfits.

In the interview that accompanies the photo shoot, Soyu shares, “If you don’t exercise and just starve yourself, you won’t be able to have the flexible body that you want. If you want to have a slim and muscular body, you have to watch what you eat as well as exercise.”

She adds, “Before, I used to just diet by myself, but these days it’s the opposite. People around me say, ‘I’m on a diet so can you help me?’ and we’re able to motivate each other, and I’ve been able to diet more happily,” revealing that she enjoys following a healthy lifestyle together with her friends and acquaintances.

You can catch more of her pictorial and interview in the April edition of Cosmopolitan.





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