Watch: Produce 101 Contestants Have an Intense Concept Battle

2016-03-18 15:11:23 2016-03-18 15:22:49

The ninth episode of Produce 101, which aired last night in Korea, had the remaining trainees perform new songs created for the show.

Titled “35 Girls 5 Concepts,” the contestants had to select between five original songs of different concepts to perform. Following all the performances, a on-site vote was conducted by the audience.

Members of the winning group would have a huge advantage going into the next ranking evaluation as each member would receive 150,000 bonus votes. The competition will be very tough as only 15 members will be able to make it through to the next round, meaning 20 will be eliminated.

Check out all the performances below!

Concept: EDM
Team: Make Some Noise (Kang Yebin, Kang Mina, Kim Nayoung, Hwang Insun, Lee Soomin, Song Hyemin, Pinky)
Song: “24 Hours” produced by DK Koo & Maximite (Creators of the Produce 101 song “Pick Me”)
Full song

Concept: Girl Grush
Team: Pinkrush (Im Nayoung, Kim Sejeong, Ahn Yeseul, Kim Chungha, Ng Sze Kai, Jung Eunwoo, Kim Hueihyun)
Song: “Fingertips”  produced by Ryan Jhun (Past produced songs include Red Velvet‘s “Dumb Dumb”, SHINee‘s “View”)
Full song

Concept: Hip-Hop
Team: Hualyeogangsan (Jeon Soyeon, Kim Seokyung, Kim Juna, Kwon Eunbean, Lee Suhyeun, Lee Haein, Kim Hyungeun)
Song: “Don’t Matter” produced by San E
Full song

Concept: Trap Pop
Team: Macaroon Honey Dduk (Jeon Somi, Heo Chanmi, Jung Chaeyeon, Choi Yoojung, Park Siyeon, Kim Dani, Park Soyeon)
Song: “Yum Yum” produced by DR (Past songs include EXO‘s “Love Me Right,” Girls’ Generation‘s “You Think)
Full song

Concept: Girlish Pop
Team: Girls On Top (Kang Sira, Kim Sohee, Kim Sohye, Han Hyeri, Kim Doyeon, Yoon Chaekyung, Yu Yeunjung)
Song: “In The Same Place” – Produced by B1A4‘s Jinyoung
Full song

Results spoiler picture:  Click here