Park Myung Soo Praises Song Joong Ki’s Politeness and Good Manners

2016-03-19 05:39:06 2016-03-19 05:39:06

Park Myung Soo vouched for Song Joong Ki’s good character on his radio program.

On the episode of KBS cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” aired on March 19, the corner “I Will Try It” is held. Under Park Myung Soo’s lead, Nam Chang Hee and Jung Da Eun read stories sent in by listeners.

During the show, Park Myung Soo brings up Song Joong Ki’s respectful attitude towards others.

“Though I do not have an personal ties to Song Joong Ki, he always greets other people. He is very respectful and has great manners. Even when you are far away, he will run up to you to say hello,” he says.

“Even though I’m a man, I think Song Joon Ki is handsome,” Park Myung Soo adds. “I admit it.”

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