Kang Sora and Nam Bo Ra to Take Legal Action Against False Rumors

2016-03-20 19:56:49 2016-03-20 19:56:49

Joining a number of celebrities taking action against malicious comments online are actresses Kang Sora and Nam Bo Ra, both of whom are under the agency Will Entertainment.

On March 21, Will Entertainment released a statement saying, “The rumors online surrounding our artists are entirely groundless. We will no longer close our eyes to the indiscriminate propagation and reproduction of these rumors by various tabloids.”

“We intend to take legal measures against the first distributors of these rumors by giving the investigation over to the police. We will also respond strongly to any groundless rumor-mongering in the future.”

The statement also added that both actresses have been emotionally scarred by the malicious rumors and asked the public for their understanding so that the artists would not be harmed by such issues again.

Nam Bo Ra most recently acted in the drama “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” while Kang Sora is currently acting in the drama “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho.”

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