Review: Pony’s Latest Makeup Line Is Perfect for Spring

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Celebrity makeup artist Pony is back with new products for her makeup line Pony Effect. We got the chance to review one of their most popular products from the new line, the Stay Put Eye Sticks! The eyeshadow sticks claim to be creamy, blendable, and long-lasting. Check out our review to see swatches and more:

Pony Effect Stay Put Eye Sticks

Let’s talk about the packaging first. The Stay Put Eye Sticks come in 12 gorgeous shades that are reflected on the base of each stick which is really convenient when you’re looking for a specific shade. The slim and retractable packaging makes it convenient to use for all the corners of your eyes. Also, they are very compact and light so you can easily carry a couple in your makeup bag.

Now for a closer look at the shades:

Pony Effect Stay Put Eye Stick Swatches 1 Pony Effect Stay Put Eye Stick Swatches 2

The eyeshadow sticks definitely have a smooth application and feel creamy. However, after application and blending, the eyeshadow sets and does not budge. The swatches proved difficult to remove with soap and water, which attests to how long-lasting and waterproof they are. Along with a good eye makeup remover, I also recommend using an eye primer with this product. Furthermore, applying a powder eyeshadow on top of the cream eyeshadow sticks will really help lock it in.

Check out our swatches (shades appear lighter when blended):

Pony Effect Stay Put Eye Stick Swatches 1 Pony Effect Stay Put Eye Stick Swatches 2

Now for some recommendations! Beam Me Up is a great shade for the inner corners of your eyes as a highlight, it might look chalky as an all-over shade. Otherwise has a beautiful duochrome quality to it and Untamed has dazzling purple and blue glitter that is hard to capture in photos.

Pony recommends blending with a eyeshadow blending brush to avoid any potential clumps and chalkiness. With eight shimmery shades and four matte shades, you’re bound to find a favorite or two. Watch Pony’s helpful video to see the product in action!

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Which shades and products are you most interested in?