4 Female Celebrities Summarily Indicted on Charges of Prostitution

2016-03-23 23:21:08 2016-03-23 23:21:08

It has been revealed that the Seoul Central Court summarily indicted four female celebrities on charges of prostitution on March 23. This includes singer “C” who was previously investigated for prostitution.

According to the prosecution, singer “C” met businessman “B” last April and received 35 million won (approximately $30,000) after having sexual relations.

Singer “C” met “B” through an entertainment agency CEO named “Kang” after which “C” paid “Kang” a commission fee according to investigations.

It has been further revealed that “Kang” actually introduced three other female celebrities to “B” in addition to introducing singer “C” and made profits from these introductions.

Previously, the prosecution first investigated singer “C” on March 15. Singer “C” has since admitted to the charges of prostitution and opened up about her situation.

The other three celebrities include an actress, a former girl group member turned actress, and a celebrity hopeful. Businessman “B” has also been summarily indicted.

“Kang” and his employee “Park” have been placed under restricted prosecution on charges of setting up the prostitution deals.

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