G-Dragon Selected as Third Most Influential Star in China

2016-03-23 22:50:53 2016-03-23 22:50:53

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon has recently been selected by a famous Chinese portal site as the third most influential star.

China’s Sina Entertainment announced week 23 of its “Sina Fame Room,” in which rankings are determined based on frequency of exposure in online media, amount of times searched on Weibo (SNS), number of times referenced on Weibo, fan support index, and influence, among others. Week 23 was based on data accumulated between March 14-20.

G-Dragon beat out popular Chinese stars such as Li Yi Feng, Yang Mi, and Luhan to become third in the rankings. This makes GD the first non-Chinese star to make it into the top ten.

Sina Entertainment commented by saying, “G-Dragon of BIGBANG has become the first overseas star to place within the top ten after gaining popularity among Chinese fans and he was even able to rank third as well.”

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has been holding a local fan meeting tour since March 11 across eight cities in China, including Shanghai.

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