Heo Chanmi Cries While Discussing Hurtful Comments About Her Personality

2016-03-25 23:35:28 2016-03-25 23:35:28

On the March 25 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Produce 101,” trainee Heo Chanmi reveals she experienced significant emotional suffering due to negative comments about her personality.

In this episode, the trainees participate in a “Mind Healing Class” to share about their thoughts and hardships with others.

Heo Chanmi opens up, “I have a rather bright and positive character. Because of that, I spoke my mind whenever I was having a hard time, and even when I did something wrong or made a mistake, I remained confident.”

“When my personality became a topic of controversy, with people calling me spiteful and self-centered, I felt sad and had a hard time over it. And because I didn’t understand my own suffering, my heart felt rotten,” she reflects on her painful experience while shedding tears.

Previously, Heo Chanmi was criticized for “acting arrogant” and not greeting her fellow trainees in the first episode.

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