Park Bo Gum Invokes the Noona Feels With Warm Text Message

2016-03-25 20:30:06 2016-03-25 20:30:06

Park Bo Gum showed off his sweet dongseng (or younger brother) side in a picture and text message uploaded to entertainer Hong Jin Kyung’s Instagram.

On March 25, Hong Jin Kyung uploaded a picture taken from a waiting room at KBS’s “Music Bank” that showed her with Park Bo Gum as well as Ra Mi Ran and Min Hyo Rin. It appears that she went to visit “Music Bank” with her two costars for the upcoming KBS variety show “Unni’s Slam Dunk – Future Dreams” (working title) and took a cozy snap shot with Park Bo Gum, who has become quite the hot commodity following his role in the hit tvN drama “Reply 1988.”

She also uploaded a warm text message from him that says the following:

-“Sunbaenim! It was so great to see you today 🙂 Although it was short, it was a joyful time, and I hope if the opportunity arises again, we can see each other again -* Please send my greetings to the other sunbaenims as well. Good luck with today’s filming”

-“Oh my Bo Gum I am so surprised… Bo Gum… Bo Gum.. I l-l-l-lov… I apologize… I apologize for what just happened… Thank you for the text message. Good luck to you too, Bo Gum!!! I can’t bring myself to say I love you… Be happy…”

Park Bo Gum text

Her witty response brought even more attention to the warm and considerate text message that Park Bo Gum sent to her. Netizens commented, saying, “Park Bo Gum is love” and “I’m so excited for the show!”

Meanwhile, “Unni’s Slam Dunk – Future Dreams” is a new variety show for KBS that is scheduled to start broadcasting in April. The lineup consists of actresses Ra Mi Ran and Min Hyo Rin, comedienne Kim Sook and Hong Jin Kyung, and singers Jessi and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany. The show will give members an opportunity to realize the dreams that they may have had to set aside or give up when they were younger.

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