“Reply 1988” Producer Says People Focused on the Wrong Themes

2016-03-25 16:20:13 2018-05-08 20:20:37

Shin Won Ho, producer of tvN’s “Reply 1988” finally opened up about Ryu Jun Yeol’s lack of film time in the last few episodes of the show.

On March 25, a Cable TV Employment Talk Concert was held. Some of the lecturers at the event were “Reply 1988” producer Shin Won Ho, MBC’s “Scholar Who Walks the Night” and “Coffee Prince” writer Jang Hyun Joo, CJ E&M director Kim Hong Bae, iHQ director Jo Seung Hwan, show host Yoo Nan Hee, and t-broad team manager Song Jae Hyuk.

When someone from the audience commented to producer Shin Won Ho, “’Reply 1988’ wasn’t as polished as the other series,” he replied, “Every one is saying that Ryu Jun Yeol’s film time decreased, but that is not true.”

“It is clear when you look at the script. Jung Hwan is the only character in ‘Reply 1988’ who has no pain. He has everything. If you look into the earlier episodes of ‘Reply 1988,’ he doesn’t have that much film time. He’s never been a character with a lot of film time,” he explained.

“We tried to divide the film time between the 16 characters as equally as possible. Ninety-nine percent of the story was about family, and only one percent was about Duk Seon’s love. However, everyone seemed to be focused on that one percent. Partially, I was upset. The media only seemed remember Jung Hwan telling Duk Seon to ‘Come home earlier,’” he added.

“What we wanted to pass on to our audience was the story of family. I took comfort in the fact that a few people would tell me, ‘I enjoyed your story telling about family.’ There is no exact reason why Jung Hwan’s film time reduced,” Shin Won Ho said.

Meanwhile, Cable TV Employment Talk Concert is an event in which professionals in the media are invited to talk to the younger generation that is preparing for employment.

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