Da Eul Loves His Superman-Inspired Look on “The Return of Superman”

2016-03-26 17:03:20 2016-03-26 17:03:20

Lee Beom Soo’s young son Da Eul, who’s been stealing the hearts of viewers lately on “The Return of Superman,” looks like he loves dressing up as Superman!

In stills from the next episode of the hit reality show, Da Eul wears a pair of red underwear outside of his dinosaur pyjamas, and looks like he’s really enjoying his silly new look.

It’s said that his mom Lee Yoon Jin laughs at the sight because he seems to be trying to be Superman. It’s also reported that in this episode that will air on March 27, Da Eul makes Lee Beom Soo laugh when he rejects his suggestion of underwear with characters on it while they’re shopping in a big underwear store. Da Eul instead makes it clear that he’s only interested in the simple, one-color underwear, surprising his dad.

Watch Da Eul and his family in the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

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