Ryu Jun Yeol Captivates Audience in “Glory Day” B Cuts

2016-03-26 08:25:07 2016-03-26 08:25:07

B Cuts from Ryu Jun Yeol’s “Glory Day” posters were revealed on March 26.

In the movie, Ryu Jun Yeol takes on the character Ji Gong, who is a 20 year old facing a cold reality. Critics have said that not only does he portray youth in great detail, but he also possesses a wide array of emotions, from seriousness to playfulness.

Unlike the dull monotone of the picture, Ryu Jun Yeol’s aura captivates the viewers. According to the staff, they were surprised at how he was absorbed in his character during the photo shoot in order to accurately depict Ji Gong’s instability.

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol has marked his name as one of the rising stars in the movie industry through “Glory Day.”

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