Jin Goo Receives Love Calls for Several Commercials

2016-03-28 11:42:26 2016-03-28 11:42:26

Actor Jin Goo is really feeling the popularity from “Descendants of the Sun!”

In Korea alone he has received offers from 20 different brands for CF endorsements. An advertising industry representative said, “Typically young and trendy actors are cast for commercials. Jin Goo is married and a father, but he still gives off a trendy vibe because of ‘Descendants of the Sun.’”

“He has the image of an actor who can adapt to many different products,” they continued. “As he has played many different characters in his dramas, his image is a good one.”

Jin Goo’s agency recently released a statement saying, “Thank you for all the love. He has worked hard to steadily follow his path. Now that he is finally seeing the light, all his staff are also rejoicing.”

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