Kim Joo Na From “Produce 101” to Debut by the End of the Year

2016-03-28 01:03:06 2016-03-28 01:03:06

Trainee Kim Joo Na (Music K Entertainment), who is being recognized for her singing abilities on Mnet‘s “Produce 101,” is planning on making her solo debut by the end of 2016, according to a source from the music industry.

Kim Joo Na is a trainee that was famous for her powerful vocals and overall musical talent before her appearance on “Produce 101” but the show helped her into the spotlight.

Despite receiving recognition for her soulful singing abilities from the first episode, she was criticized for her dancing, which she was able to improve through constant practice, garnering a great number of fans.

She has been acknowledged by trainers and fellow trainees alike on her skills, as seen by her constant placement as the lead vocal in each round.

Although she wasn’t included in the top 22 and had to leave the show, Kim Joo Na is one of the trainees that related personnel say that she deserves to have won.

Kim Joo Na is planning on debuting as a solo artist, as predicted by many in the general public. She is expected to display various charms based on the song selection and fans are anticipating what her debut as a full-fledged singer will be like.

See the solo camera view of her performance of 2NE1‘s “Fire” below:

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