“Produce 101” Girl Group to Debut in May With Undecided Song

2016-03-28 08:11:01 2016-03-28 08:13:47

Contrary to original plans, we’ll have to wait a little while after the finale of the singer survival show “Produce 101” for the top 11 contestants to make their debut!

According to several sources within the industry on March 28, the girl group that will be formed through “Produce 101” will put out their first release in the first week of May.

Although it was originally planned for the group to make their debut with the song “Crush” that will be performed as part of the finale, it’s reported that it was decided the group will need more time to prepare their concept and practice choreography. “Crush” has therefore switched from being their “debut song” to their “debut preparation song,” and they won’t be promoting with it. YMC Entertainment and Mnet have come to this decision after long consideration.

It’s reported that there are still talks underway about which song the group will be making their debut with in May.

The finale of “Produce 101” will air on April 1. Who do you hope will be in the top 11?

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