Secret’s Hyosung Says Her Fans Like It When She Gains Weight

2016-03-28 11:31:53 2016-03-28 11:35:38

During Secret member Hyosung’s March 28 showcase to celebrate the release of her latest solo mini album, she talks about her weight and health.

When asked about her weight, Hyosung says, “My weight was revealed a little while ago on ‘Real Men,’ but my fans seem to like it when I gain weight.”

She continues, “To be honest, this time around I exercised with a focus on my health instead of the shape of my body. For the first time in a while, I did pilates and physical training while focusing on building up my physical strength. I now have a very healthy and strong body.”

Hyosung also adds, “I weighed myself this morning. When I was on ‘Real Men,’ I weighed 49.5 kilograms, but today I weighed 47.9 kilograms. I’ve worked hard to prepare so that I wouldn’t disappoint anyone.”

Hyosung’s second solo mini album “Colored” and the music video for the title track “Find Me” were released on March 28.

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