Secret’s Hyosung Wants Attention Paid to Her Music, Not Just Her Body

2016-03-28 03:09:13 2016-03-28 03:10:11

Secret‘s Jun Hyosung held her comeback showcase today to commemorate the release of her second solo mini album, “Colored.”

During a Q&A session with the press, the singer was asked about the attention paid to her body, with Jun Hyosung often being praised for her “glamorous body and baby face.” The singer replied, “It’s an aspect I always work on and want, and I am thankful for people’s positive attention. However, I think my musical and vocal aspects are relatively overlooked.”

Jun Hyosung expressed her desire for more attention paid on other aspects besides her body, saying, “In the beginning, I was sad [that my musical and vocal aspect was overlooked], but these days, I think I am able to show my hidden charms. I am greedy about the vocal aspect and writing lyrics, so I am working extremely hard. I am working hard to show progress in every album I release.”

She concluded, “Right now, other aspects are getting more attention, but I think that if I work hard and show my sincerity, people’s focus will change.”

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Jun Hyosung released her second mini album “Colored” and the music video for the title track “Find Me” on March 28 at midnight. You can check out the music video here.

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