Numerous Agency Representatives Invited to “Produce 101” Finale

2016-03-29 08:55:22 2016-03-29 08:55:22

Mnet‘s girl group survival show “Produce 101” has sent invitations to 22 agency heads ahead of the anticipated finale.

According to a representative of the program, they have contacted numerous agency representatives and asked them to join them during the final live broadcast. However, it is still unsure whether they will be taking part in the live show or not.

“We have simply invited them to come and watch the final episode,” a representative of Mnet explains, and adds, “We even invited Park Jin Young of JYP, but we have yet to receive a confirmation about his potential attendance.”

Meanwhile, the finale of “Produce 101” is set to air live on April 1. The 11 members who make the cut will officially promote as a group until December under the management of YMC Entertainement.

Which agency would you like to see represented at the finale?

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