Chen Bolin Reacts to the Monday Couple From “Running Man”

2016-03-30 20:13:34 2016-03-30 20:13:34

Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin recently went on a romantic date in Samcheonngdong, Seoul during the latest episode of Jiangsu TV‘s “We Fall in Love.” Both of them are excited to walk around confidently on a date, instead of hiding like they usually have to as celebrities. Song Ji Hyo even declares to shopkeepers that “he is my boyfriend.”

we fall in love 1

While walking around the neighborhood, they come across a wall mural of a couple about to kiss, and Chen Bolin suggests they stop and take a picture. However, Song Ji Hyo becomes flustered and tries to walk away instead.

It turns out that exact same wall is where the Monday Couple, Song Ji Hyo and Gary, took a picture during a filming for SBS‘s “Running Man.”

we fall in love 2 song ji hyo gary

So, instead of taking a picture together, Song Ji Hyo awkwardly laughs while running away, and Chen Bolin is left confused at the situation, for now.

Later on during the interview, Chen Bolin says, “Actually, I just recently found out about the existence of the Monday Couple. I’m not worried because that’s something that happened in the past, before she met me, but truthfully I am a little jealous,” reacting like an actual boyfriend.

Watch the rest of Chen Bolin and Song Ji Hyo’s romantic date below!

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