EXID’s LE Is Working Hard on New Self-Produced Song

2016-03-30 19:50:34 2016-03-30 19:56:39

We may be hearing a new song from EXID‘s LE sometime in the near future!

On March 30, LE hosted a livestream, “Who Wants to Play with LE~ Hurry Up and Come,” through Naver V App, while waiting at her agency for producer Shinsadong Tiger.

During the broadcast, she explains that she was there to continue to work on her newest track. LE adds, “These days, I’m working hard on my latest production. That’s why I’m here today, and I’m still in the process of recording. What I have recorded so far has a sweet ambiance.”

She also discusses her latest hair color, revealing, “In the past I had black hair, but the hair stylist said that I was warm-toned, and that I can’t have black hair anymore.”

What kind of track would you like to hear from LE?

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