Watch: SEVENTEEN, TWICE, Lovelyz, April, And More On “Music Core”

april 30 soompi music core

For this week’s “Music Core”:

♬ Comeback ♡ Stage ♬
– SEVENTEEN 『Pretty U』
– Lovelyz 『Destiny』
– April 『Tinker Bell』

♬ Good-bye ★ Stage ♬
– Block B 『Toy』
– Yesung『Here I Am』

The line up: SEVENTEEN, TWICE, Lovelyz, April, Block B, Yesung, VIXX, Jung Eun Ji, UP10TION, Oh My Girl, NCT U, Comic Girls, HISTORY, U Sung Eun, Mintty, 2STARS, Cocosori,and Loud.e

SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”

TWICE – “Cheer UP”

Lovelyz – “Destiny”

April – “Tinker Bell”

Block B – “Toy”

Yesung – “Here I Am”

VIXX – “Dynamite”

Jung Eun Ji – “Hopefully Sky”

UP10TION – “Attention”

Oh My Girl – ““Liar Liar”

NCT U – “The 7th Sense”

Cosmic Girls – “Mo Mo Mo”

HISTORY – “Queen”

U Sung Eun – “Jealousy”

Mintty – “Already Go Lady”

Cocosori – “Exquisite”

2STAR – “Friendly” – “Disrespectful Breakup”