9Muses To Release Limited Edition Photo Book For 7th Anniversary

2016-05-01 21:37:12 2016-05-01 21:37:12

9Muses (Nine Muses) has revealed a surprise special photo book!

Recently, 9Muses have been arousing fan curiosity with pictures posted on their individual social media. Turns out, they’re still cuts from a secret photo shoot for a special photo book, which is being made for the group’s approaching 7th anniversary.

For this book, the members are teaming up with eight popular photographers, making the project even more unique. Each member is being photographed by a different photographer, and everything will be put into one book in a method unlike any they’ve done before.

The group’s company, Star Empire, said “For this photo book, the members have participated a lot more. From their concepts to communicating with their photographers, etc., the members have been actively giving their opinions and have showed a lot of enthusiasm in choosing their outfits and props on set.” Star Empire continued on to say, “Compared to past photo books, this one seems like it will be the best expression of 9Muses.”

9muses nine muses

What’s more, the photo book will be a rare limited edition! Currently the plan is to only print 2,000 copies.

The project will be carried out through MakeStar, an online crowdfunding platform. A representative from MakeStar said, “Rather than the 9Muses you see on stage, this photo book will allow you to experience the group in their off-stage moments. Furthermore, in the process of making this book, the members will be able to communicate with their fans from all over the world through several various events.”

The project will start in the first week of May through MakeStar crowdfunding, and all proceeds made from the photo book will be donated.

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