iKON Teases Comeback Plans With New MV Filming

2016-05-01 20:21:42 2016-05-01 20:21:42

iKON fans, rejoice: the group is currently filming a new music video!

The group is currently recording their new song, and news of their music video filming spread on social media, gaining a lot of traction among fans. iKON’s agency, YG Entertainment, confirmed the news of the recording, although a specific comeback date has not yet been decided upon.

YG had no comment about the undecided comeback date, but a representative told OSEN, “Please wait just a little bit, and we will come with good news.” iKON’s comeback will follow in a string of strong comebacks from YG, including Lee Hi and Akdong Musician.

Are you looking forward to a comeback from iKON?

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