SHINee’s Key Is Shocked SHINyan Is Real + Longer “Because of You For Cat” Music Video

2016-05-01 23:36:26 2016-05-02 02:40:07

While SHINee’s literal copy-cat group, SHINyan, takes the internet by storm, SHINee’s Key reveals a hilarious confession.

On May 2, SHINee’s Key posted a picture of the furry group on his Instagram, while explaining he actually didn’t know SHINyan was “real.”

He writes, “Ah…This…picture… I thought it was just a cute, edited photo that was posted online… It turns out it’s actually something our company released? Hmm..I’m really taken aback.”

SHINyan previously released their own version of SHINee’s latest Japanese single, “Because of You,” fittingly named “Because of You For Cat.”

Meanwhile, SHINyan has also released a longer music video for “Because of You For Cat,” where you can see more of their furry talents.