TWICE Encourages Everyone To “Cheer Up” In Latest Dance Video

2016-05-01 18:40:21 2016-05-02 03:30:42

On May 1, TWICE released another “special video,” in celebration of reaching over 10 million views on their “Cheer Up” music video.

This time, it’s another dance video, with a familiar-looking background. The girls perform their iconic “Cheer Up” choreography while standing in the same football field and wearing the same outfits that were featured in the music video.

Previously, a different dance video was released on April 28, in honor of five million views. In that video, the members sport matching pink and white jackets with black accents, while dancing in a practice room.


JYP Entertainment has promised to release two more of these “special videos” if TWICE’s “Cheer Up” music video reaches 20 million views, and then 35 million views on YouTube, as shown in the picture above.

Meanwhile, check out both of the dance videos below!

Soompiers, which version do you prefer?