Kang Kyun Sung Talks About Breaking His Vow Of Chastity

2016-05-03 00:11:00 2016-05-03 00:11:00

Singer Kang Kyun Sung is once again discussing his past remark about his celibacy, stating that he broke his vow of chastity in his 20s.

On May 2, Bnt released a magazine interview and photo shoot of Noel member Kang Kyun Sung, where the singer discusses his deep thoughts about himself.

kang kyun sung

When asked about the attention surrounding his comments on his celibacy, Kang Kyun Sang states, “It was something I never wanted to reveal during a broadcast, but it came out against my will.”

He also says, “I rationalized it momentarily because of love and gave in,” and “Once again, I’ve found a reason to keep my promise and am trying my best to do so.”

The singer goes on to express his musical aspirations by saying that he hopes to release his mini album this winter as well as a full album later on as well.

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