Lee Je Hoon Says He’s More Than Ready To Film A Sequel To “Signal”

2016-05-03 14:38:54 2016-05-03 19:13:19

On May 3, actors Lee Je Hoon and Kim Sung Kyun came on the radio show “2 O’Clock Date With Park Kyung Lim” to promote their latest film “Phantom Detective.”

While discussing the film, Lee Je Hoon mentioned his recent drama “Signal,” saying, “There are walkie-talkies in ‘Phantom Detective’ just like there were in ‘Signal.’ Fans who watched ‘Signal’ may be surprised when they see the opening of this movie. I believe it will please them.”

He continued on about a possible sequel to ‘Signal,’ saying, “I really want to do it. It will only be possible if the same writer, director, and staff members work together again. I am already prepared. Many viewers are probably waiting for the next story of ‘Signal.’ I am, too.”

Do you want a sequel to ‘Signal’ too?

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