Chef Lee Yeon Bok’s Instagram Hacked With Prostitution Advertisement

2016-05-04 19:36:43 2016-05-04 19:36:43

Chef Lee Yeon Bok’s Instagram account has been hacked.

Lee Yeon Bok

On May 4, a woman’s picture was uploaded to the chef’s Instagram with what seemed to be an advertisement for prostitution. The caption read, “Urgently seeking a part-time job as a companion for a divorced single,” and included contact information.

Netizens, upon seeing a post that was unlike anything the chef usually uploaded, realized someone had hacked the account, and voiced their concerns.

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After deleting the post, the chef posted a picture along with the caption, “To everyone who was worried about the hacking and contacted me about it, thank you very much. I love you~ Everything has been taken care of ^^”

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