G-Dragon Shows Off Milky Complexion In High Cut Photoshoot

2016-05-04 17:00:51 2016-05-04 17:00:51

In the May edition of High Cut magazine, G-Dragon sets the bar high for men’s grooming and skincare through pictorials that show off his flawless complexion.

The pictorial’s concept , “Man in Beauty,” focuses on informing male readers of skin care methods that maintain strong healthy skin and the know-hows on applying makeup for men.

G-Dragon is known for his eccentric style; however, in this photoshoot G-Dragon poses in light colored button ups, which mesh well with his milky clean complexion, displaying a soft and sweet image. His charismatic smokey eye makeup adds contrast to accentuate his milky skin, creating a bold yet soft effect.

Check out more pictures from the photoshoot below:

G Dragon High Cut 1

G Dragon High Cut 2

G Dragon High Cut 3

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