Jessica Compares Herself To Krystal And Talks About Dating Advice

2016-05-04 03:21:04 2016-05-04 03:21:04

On a recent appearance on a Chinese talk show, Jessica showed her affection for her younger sister Krystal.

She complimented her sister and said, “My sister is much prettier.” She also joked, “I think it’s better to be young. She’s five years and six months younger than me.”

Jessica continued to talk about her sister and shared, “Soojung (Krystal) takes after our dad and I resemble our mom. We always looked a bit different.  Since we did the same work after we [both] debuted, we became closer and are able to communicate well.”

The older sister praised her younger sister and commented, “Soojung writes well. She writes me letters often. When she went on vacation with our mom without me, I was busy working. At times like that she sent me a postcard. She writes warm words and is a source of strength for me.”

When asked whether she gives Krystal any dating advice, Jessica honestly replied, “Of course.” Krystal is currently dating EXO’s Kai.

Jessica also discussed her interest in fashion and cosmetics and said, “Since I was young I followed my mom to the department store like it was my own home and didn’t want to go home. I gained a lot of interest in shoes, clothes, cosmetics, and more.”

The singer will be releasing her debut solo album around mid-May. Her title track is “Fly.”

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